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Editing Services: Ghosting

Ghosting, or ghostwriting, is just over the line from developmental editing. A good ghost wears the author’s voice, writing significant sections if not all of the text in consultation with the client. As a ghost, I frequently consult with my clients to learn their particular style. As the work progresses, my DE skills come into play to create a work you’re proud of.

Editing Services: Substantive Editing

I also offer substantive editing services. Substantive editing is also intensive, but occurs after the creation process. As a substantive editor, I help you:

  • Structure or restructure existing work, check for logical order and sequencing
  • Ensure clarity of language
  • Ensure the text is active and engaging
  • Use rapport and engagement techniques to better position the reader
  • Use established pedagogy in non-fiction/teaching works
  • Catch contradictions and holes; ensure consistency
  • Work through blocked areas and ideas; find a new perspective or approach
  • Develop specific solutions for any issues
  • Write and rewrite as necessary—less than developmental editing work
  • Polish and refine your text—choosing the correct word for the correct sentence, rephrasing, reordering and more as needed.

Editing Services: Language Editing

The next step down in the editing process, language editing ensures your text is clear and well-written. As a language editor, I help you:

  • Refine your sentences, including checking passive voice
  • Edit for clarity and precision
  • Check for a clear, logical progression of ideas—language editing flags issues, but not does not directly fix them
  • Ensure jargon and technical terms are used correctly for the intended audience.

I’m fluent across major style guides and US, UK, and Commonwealth English.

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