Developmental Editing (DE)

Developmental editing is the most intensive type of editing, covering all aspects of the creative process. My unique background—BSc., G Dip Teaching & Learning, Cert TEFL, MA—means I bring a set of core analytical and creative skills to all my projects. Each DE-author relationship is different. Each book, each concept, is different. Some authors need a few of my skills, others need more. My job is helping you establish what you want and how we’re going to get you there. It’s a close, intensive process.

And I love it.

Although I can enter the process at any point, the most fruitful DE-author relationships start early, during the conceptual phase. As the project progresses, I help you:

  • Create an outline and develop the central idea(s)
  • Discuss and map themes, then arcs of the book
  • Create a logical structure and developmental questions to guide the draft
  • Develop your voice
  • Ensure the text is active and engaging
  • Use rapport and engagement techniques to better position the reader
  • Use established pedagogy in non-fiction/teaching works
  • Ensure clarity of language
  • Catch contradictions and holes; ensure consistency
  • Work through blocked areas and ideas; find a new perspective or approach
  • Develop specific solutions for any issues
  • Write and rewrite as necessary
  • Polish and refine your text—choosing the correct word for the correct sentence, rephrasing, reordering and more as needed.

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