“Language consultant” is often used in reference to translation work. That’s not me. I’m not fluent in a selection of languages; English is my L1. But, like a translator, my work is all about the meaning behind the message. When I work as a language consultant, I study your demographics and the messaging they regularly receive across a variety of media to architect a set of linguistic hooks.
For most people, words are superficial, a quick and convenient way to convey messages like “What’s for dinner?” or “Hey, do you know what happened to my pink fedora?” And because we use them all day, every day, it’s easy to forget that words–signs–are an incredibly complex tool in a blisteringly complex system.
Words affect a reader or listener on many levels. I help you identify those levels. I help you streamline you message, hone you voice, and hook your readers with set of tools and frameworks I’ve created. These are based on established literary and pedagogical theories.
Language consulting is a very personal and intensive process. Each case is different.

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